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Shark Cage Diving Cape Town

Simon’s Town Pier, Wharf Street, Simon’s Town, 7975

From R 3 630.00/ person

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Shark Cage Diving Cape Town

Simon’s Town Pier, Wharf Street, Simon’s Town, 7975

We operate a half day tour 45 minutes from Cape Town to see a variety of shark species throughout the year according to the seasons, weather, water temperature and other factors.

We operate half day shark tours to either Seal Island or Cape Point as both offer very different opportunities and visibility. Possible shark species can include Seven gill cow sharks, Mako Sharks, Blue sharks and Great white sharks. The location for the day will be determined by the best shark activity and sea conditions and will be confirmed with you the day before your trip.

One of our areas, Seal Island, False Bay is famous for the predation of Great Whites on Cape Fur seals The area and this behavior have been featured on many documentaries including Air Jaws on the Discovery Channel with Chris Fallows, our owner, as co-host.

Reasons to Choose Apex as your shark cage diving operator
- We are an official licensed Shark Cage diving Operator with crew certified specifically for this industry
- We provide SCUBA for certified divers on request – however NO experience is required for breath hold
- We offer the smallest group size of any shark diving operation in South Africa by 50%. ( 12 pax only)
- We have achieved the Five star excellence certificate from TripAdvisor 6 years in a row

Whales, dolphins and many species of sea birds are often encountered on this adventurous expedition. As we adopt an eco style of operating our trips, going to sea with Apex is like going on a safari game drive and we will try to take in as much marine wildlife as possible on our trips As trips are based on natural events every trip is different and sightings are not guaranteed.

Our vessel is a 36 foot catamaran, specifically built for cage diving and viewing the sharks from the surface. A dry cabin, soft cushioned seats and a flush toilet ensure your comfort at sea. Our vessel complies with all safety requirements and Great white shark permit conditions. We send the boat for annual safety inspections at the South African Maritime Safety Authority. Safety equipment includes life jackets, first aid kit, radio and cellular phone.

Children rates do not apply. Children aged 10 and up are allowed on the boat and children 12 and up are alloed in the cage

A small group of guests on board allows for better viewing opportunities and a longer cage dive. The cage accommodates four guests comfortably. It is fixed to the boat and sits just above the water surface. NO DIVING EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED.
For those who are scuba certified, AIR is available upon request. This needs to be confirmed when booking your trip. Please add this request under ‘notes’.
Safety is a priority. All shark cage diving is done under the auspices of experienced crew who have first Aid & oxygen management, scuba & commercial skippers’ qualifications and have expert knowledge of the behaviour of sharks around the cage.

Activity Information

Company:Apex Shark Expeditions

Activity:Shark Cage Diving Cape Town

Activity Types:Marine & Water Tours | Shark Cage Diving | Boat Cruises


Minimum Age:10

Adults Allowed:Yes

Children Allowed:No


What To Wear

Warm clothing in winter: June to September – Closed shoes, long pants, waterproof jacket and cap / beanie. In summer: October – April – a wind breaker, cap / hat. All year round – bathing suit. Bathing suit (donned under your clothing to facilitate changing into your wetsuit aboard)

Things To Bring

What to bring? Dress in layers, Warm weather jacket, closed shoes, beanie, scarf, hat/cap, polarized sunglasses, towel, bathing costume, sun block & camera. If you are prone to motion sickness, we recommend Sturgeron or Dramamine tablets. Take one the night before your trip and another one and a half hour before we are scheduled to meet. For your own enjoyment of the trip, we recommend that you do not over indulge in alcohol the night before as this may result in you being very sea sick the next day.

Guests Or Spectators

Divers and surface viewers pay the same price.


Dive gear including mask, snorkel, weight belt and wet-suit (5 mm - sizes from small to XXXXXXL). Light breakfast, coffee / tea, passionate crew, educational booklet, light meal aboard, snacks & refreshments.


Transfers unless you have selected one of the transfers on the check out page. A quote is required for any transfers outside of the Cape Town central area.

As the trip is weather permitting and meeting and pick up times are based on this, it is very important that you contact us the day before after 14h30 and before 16h00 with a final weather confirmation and meeting/pick up time. The onus is on you to contact us.

Note: Day before confirmation and shark species will depend on weather conditions. All trips are confirmed weather dependent and are not shark species dependent

PLANES & TRAINS DON’T WAIT ~ NOR DO BOATS!! ~ Any guests not on time will regrettably be left behind. NO REFUNDS UNFORTUNATELY WILL BE MADE FOR guests who are late.

SELF-DRIVE GUESTS For the 1st trip you will need to be the Apex Shark Expeditions shop anywhere from 06.00AM to 10:00AM for light breakfast & tea/coffee.

For the 2nd trip you will need to be at the Apex Shark Expeditions shop in Simon’s Town anywhere from 10:00AM to 14;00PM. The exact time will be confirmed with you the day before the trip. As you are self drive, please make sure you have adequate time and directions to get to our shop.

If you are booked under a different name from the name you have booked with us, please let us know

CANCELLATION POLICY If the trip is cancelled due to inclement weather there is NO charge. This decision is made by the skipper and is based on wind and swell conditions. We will try to reschedule you if we have availability. 1-5 guests:

  • 30 days or more before the time of start date: no cancellation fee Less than
  • 30 days before start date: 50% of the fee
  • Less than 15 days before start date : 100% of the fee
  • No show or late arrival: 100% of the fee

Guests meet at the Apex Shark Expeditions shop at Quayside Centre, Wharf and Main Street, Simon’s Town. Morning Itinerary Meet the crew at the Apex Shark Expeditions shop for a light breakfast. Guests are welcomed aboard White Pointer II. A full safety and weather briefing is given before departure. Depart for Seal Island or Cape Point based on time of the year and sea conditions. Arrive at Seal Island/Cape Point. Based on what the weather is doing, we will decide on the best spot to weigh anchor and begin attracting sharks to the vessel. The cage is then deployed where it floats next to our vessel. Once a shark approaches our boat, bait is kept in the water to keep the shark around long enough for identification, viewing and cage diving purposes. At no point are the sharks purposefully fed or handled and all efforts are made to prevent the sharks from making contact with our vessel. If the weather conditions are favourable, guests will be readied for cage diving. Safety precautions and operational procedures are then explained to any guest wishing to enter the cage. It is important to know that the sharks come very close to the boat so it is not necessary to dive in order to see them. Those not wishing to dive will have excellent views of the sharks regardless. Trip duration is +- 3- 4 hours depending on the weather conditions and shark activity. CHILDREN * No children under 10 years of age. Children are prone to seasickness as are adults, however the affect of seasickness on children is much more pronounced with dehydration being a factor. Children also have a lower threshold for pain and discomfort. * Children 12 years old + will be allowed into the cage on the basis that parents vouch for their aquatic experience. Please note: Sharks are completely wild animals and as such sightings and behavior cannot be guaranteed. We will use our best knowledge in order to give you the most realistic expectations before making a booking.

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