Robben Island (Private Flight) in V and A Waterfront

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Robben Island (Private Flight)

E Pier Rd, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001


Activity Information

Company:NAC Helicopters Cape Town

Activity:Robben Island (Private Flight)

Activity Types:Helicopter Tours

Adults Allowed:Yes

Children Allowed:Yes

Taking off from the V&A Waterfront, you’ll hover over the harbour for a moment, drinking in Green Point and the Cape Town cityscape. Below you, the deep blues and greens of the Atlantic Ocean stretch to the horizon, interrupted only by the white crest of a wave or the occasional pod of dolphins. As you move further away from the Cape Peninsula, Robben Island comes into view in front of you.

You dip towards the island, sweeping over its diverse collection of fauna and flora as you enjoy an aerial view of the buildings and importantly, the prison where Nelson Mandela and other freedom fighters were imprisoned before you turn to face the Cape Peninsula again. On your return flight, you’ll be greeted by the full splendour of Table Mountain as you travel along the pristine Blouberg coastline back towards the City Bowl.

Children are welcome and tours are costed per flight and can take a maximum of 6 people. Please select the number of people before booking.

Important Notes.

For last minute availability - 24 hours in advance, please use the enquire now function to check availability with us.

We aim to do our best to accommodate you as close to your chosen time as possible. We will confirm your time slot as soon as the booking has been finalized.

Duration of the flight is approximately 20 minutes



Please arrive 30 minutes early

Things To Bring The credit card used to book the flight, or proof of payment for EFT. Printout or electronic copy of the confirmation email.

Guests Or Spectators Only paying guests allowed

Inclusions Helicopter Flight Transportation to and from the Helipad within CBD, Green Point and V&A Waterfront.

1. BOOKINGS 1.1 All quotations issued are subject to aircraft availability at the time NAC Helicopters Cape Town receives written confirmation of the acceptance of the quotation from the client. 1.2 The amount quoted to the client excludes the pilot’s and client’s lunch costs. The client takes note of and agrees that the pilot’s lunch shall be for the client’s expense. 1.3 At the same time that the written confirmation has been received by NAC Helicopters Cape Town, the client must ensure that a 20% deposit is paid to NAC Helicopters Cape Town in order to secure the booking. 1.4 Should NAC Helicopters Cape Town cancel the flight, NAC Helicopters Cape Town shall refund the 20% deposit back to the client. 1.5 Should the client wish to postpone or cancel his/her flight such postponement or cancellation shall be at least 48 hours prior to the departure time. Should the client fail to postpone or cancel the flight at least 48 hours prior to the departure time, the 20% deposit shall become non-refundable. 1.6 Once the client has confirmed the reservation no refunds will be granted under any circumstance, apart from the following: 1.6.1 If NAC Helicopters Cape Town cancels the flight; or 1.6.2 If NAC Helicopters Cape Town is unable to honor the passenger reservation resulting in the passenger being denied permission to board [v1] 2. FLIGHT INFORMATION 2.1 As required by Civil Aviation Legislation, all passengers are required to complete a ticket, issued by NAC Helicopters Cape Town, before departure. 2.2 All flight times quoted are an approximate and may vary due to certain variables, such as but not limited to, weather conditions or aircraft capabilities. 2.3 Should a flight be cancelled due to reasons caused by weather conditions, technical or operational reasons NAC Helicopters Cape Town shall refund all monies received in respect of the confirmed booking.[v2] 2.4 Should, during a flight, the aircraft be diverted due to bad weather conditions, the client shall be held liable for any and all extra costs in connection with such diversion. 3. BAGGAGE 3.1 The client takes note of and agrees that no dangerous goods, as defined by Legislation, shall be carried in any baggage or on any person. 3.2 The carriage of any firearm/s is expressly prohibited. 3.3 All baggage shall weigh no more than 3kg’s however, should the baggage exceed 3kg’s, a prior arrangement must be made with an authorized person at NAC Helicopters Cape Town, before the departure of the flight. 3.4 Should baggage exceed the limit of 3kg’s and no prior arrangement was made as stipulated in clause 3.3, NAC Helicopters Cape Town shall havethe right to refuse carriage of such baggage on the flight. 4. INFANTS, CHILDREN AND PASSENGERS WITH DISABILITY 4.1 As per the Civil Aviation Regulations infants (0-2) shall only be carried when properly secured with a child restraint device or in the arms of or on the lap of an adult passenger or in a skycot. 4.2 Should a disabled person be unable to assist himself/herself in the case of an emergency then that person shall require an able-bodied assistant to accompany him/her on the flight. 4.3 A mentally disturbed person shall not be carried in the helicopter unless: 4.3.1 accompanied by an able-bodied assistant; and 4.3.2 a medical certificate has been issued by a medical practitioner certifying such mentally disturbed person’s suitability for carriage by air, and confirming that there is no risk of violence from such person. 4.4 NAC Helicopters Cape Town shall undertake the carriage of a mentally disturbed person who, according to his or her medical history, may become violent, only after special permission has been obtained from the commissioner by NAC Helicopters Cape Town. 4.5 The carriage of infants, children, disabled persons and mentally disturbed persons is regulated in the Civil Aviation Regulations. Should a passenger require/desire more information on the procedures in such instances, the passenger shall enquire with NAC Helicopters Cape Town before the departure time. 4.6 Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult who has the legal authority to sign a passenger ticket on behalf of the child passenger. 5. PREGNANT PASSENGERS 5.1 Should a passenger be 28 weeks or more into the passenger’s term then NAC Helicopters Cape Town shall require a medical certificate from a medical practitioner, stating that the pregnant passenger is fit to fly. The medical certificate must be handed to a NAC Helicopters Cape Town staff member before the departure of the flight. 6. PASSENGER CONDUCT 6.1 All passengers are required, by law, to obey all lawful commands given by the pilot or designated ground crew. 6.2 Any passenger who misbehaves, is disruptive or threatens the safety of any other passenger or NAC Helicopters Cape Town staff member shall be removed from the flight. 6.3 Any and all passengers shall be held liable for any misconduct before, on or after any flight and shall be prosecuted according to the Laws governing Civil Aviation. 6.4 The passenger takes note of and accepts that should a diversion be necessitated by the misconduct of a passenger, that passenger will be held liable for all costs incurred by NAC Helicopters Cape Town as a consequence of the diversion. 7. PASSENGER WEIGHT 7.1 Please be advised that all passengers will be weighed before they board the helicopter, this will be kept private but is necessary to complete an accurate weight and balance document. 7.2 If any one passenger weighs more than 120 kg’s they are asked to advise NAC Helicopters Cape Town upon making the booking or alternatively during the quoting process. 7.3 If the helicopter is found to be overweight after completion of the weight and balance, then the client may at their own expense choose to upgrade to a bigger helicopter or one person may choose not to fly. 7.4 When booking any charter it is advisable to supply the reservation staff with each individual passenger weight. 8. LANDINGS AWAY FROM V&A WATERFRONT 8.1 On the confirmation of the booking, NAC Helicopters Cape Town shall make the necessary provision for the obtaining of landing permissions for the required destination. If such landing permission is not granted, NAC Helicopters Cape Town reserves the right to cancel the flight. 8.2 The client shall be accountable for any landing fees charged and these are non-refundable, even in the case of NAC Helicopters Cape Town cancelling the flight.[v3] IMPORTANT FLIGHT INFORMATION STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS



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